Sanity checks to validate that your connection and token are working.

Step 1: Navigate to host URL and confirm that you are able to reach the main Swagger UI.


Step 2: Click on the authorize button at top-right of the page to open a pop-up. Add your token exactly as the following example,


Press authorize. This will authorize all endpoints during your session and you will need to go through this step each time you re-visit the page. Please note that this form will accept bad tokens and you will need to confirm that you entered the correct format by testing it with the endpoint in step four.


Step 2: Locate the home section and expand to reveal endpoints.


Step 3: Click on the home endpoint and the try it out button in the upper right hand corner. Press the execute button. This is the most basic endpoint that does not require authentication. It tests if the flask application is working.


Step 4: Click on the home/validate_token endpoint and the try it out button in the upper right hand corner. This tests that you have a working token.



Climate-engine API is following OAuth standards for authorization. The application uses encrypted JSON Web Tokens (JWT) passed as a authorization header to authorize and authenticate the user.